Episode 8: Zero-waste travel tips


In episode 8, Katie and Liv provide all the best zero waste travel tips that they've recently implemented into their life through experience and a bit of research! From the best plane snacks to package free toiletries, they will make sure you leave this ep with the best tips for your next vacay!


Tune in for easy-to-implement zero waste travel tips and of course listen to the end so you can learn how much Katie and Liv do not know about the world through this week's game! 





  • Bring own snacks (for example, bulk chocolate covered almonds, homemade cookies, apples, homemade trail mix, granola bars) 
  • Bring own travel mug
  • Bring own water bottle 
  • Bring own straw and utensil set 
  • Don’t take airplane snack or drink 
  • Buy A&W or Subway if you need food on the go (packaging is recyclable and compostable) 
  • When eating out, go for the plant based meal option and request no straw or just bring own water 
  • Pack a cloth napkin 


  • Bring own bar of soap + shampoo (use a small travel cases)
  • Bamboo toothbrush 
  • Use salt rock for deodorant 
  • Small mason jar coconut oil for lotion, make up remover, baby massage oil
  • Buy a TSA approved TSA approved reusable liquid bag if needed
  • Menstrual cup vs box of tampons 


  • Avoid printing boarding pass, do a epass
  • Reusable luggage tags 
  • Don’t check your bag, use a carry on to avoid plastic sticker tag  - this isn’t possible for us with our car seat and stroller 


  • Wet bag 
  • Reusable diapers 
  • Reusable whipes
  • Upcycled toy bag 
  • Diaper bag and mat from Mat and Nat









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