Episode 12: Zero-waste + minimalism pregnancy tips

In this week’s episode we tackle a ton of zero- waste and minimalism pregnancy tips and ideas, many of which Katie applied during her pregnancy! From what bras and underwear she recommends to what you really need for clothing and so much more, tune in! 


Liv & Katie discuss their trashy vs classy moments and end on a new game, recommended by a listener, of “Recyclable or Not”.




  1. Secondhand stretchy and/or loose dresses and skirts: don't be picky on colour and length! You'll be able to style with knotted clothes
  2. Secondhand loose single colour tees and long sleeved shirts for knotting. Black, grey, blue - whatever colour in almost any size would work!
  3. Pregnancy pillow: try to borrow from a friend!
  4. Coconut oil: buy in bulk and try to give yourself a oil rub down everynight to avoid stretch marks completely!
  5. Resources: podcasts are great! Katie got a lot out of the Crunchy Mama Podcast. She also really enjoyed the book A Doula's Guide to Empowering Your Birth which can be bought on amazon for your kindle or the also have a physical copy
  6. Leggings and maternity sweatpants + Jammies: Katie got her leggings from Lulu Lemon, the Align ones - as she couldn't find any secondhand. But she was able to find sweatpants and jammies thrifted! You want to be comfortable!


BONUS: Maternity tights if you live in a cooler climate to wear with your dresses


NOTE: No need for maternity bras and underwear! Katie just rocked sports bras and low waste underwear she already owned. Same goes for bathing suits! 




Zero-Waste Beginners Guide: Buy now!


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