How to easily germinate apple seeds



Written by Katie

March 2020


Apple seeds are VERY easy to germinate, plus, all you have to do is buy an apple to obtain the seeds! 

Most apples have at least 5 seeds but can have up to 13. 


But first, a couple notes:


1. Not every seed will germinate. I don't know why, but some will be duds. 


2. The best time of year to add your seeds to water for germination is in the fall, then in early spring you can plant them in soil. BUT you honestly can do this anytime of year… roots can form in as early as 45 days!


So go by an apple or two, have a healthy snack, and save those seeds! 


STEP 1: Buy an apple and get those seeds

  • Simply buy an apple and eat away
  • Once your done, make your way to the core by either using a knife or eating, until you see the seeds
  • Carefully pick out each seed




Step 2: Add your seeds to a jar



  • Get yourself a small mason jar and add a little bit of water (¼ inch)
  • Add your seeds to the water, then cover with a lid
  • Place your jar in your fridge







Step 3: Check for roots



  • A couple months later, you'll see some healthy roots, maybe even before then!
  • You can leave your seeds in the fridge until you are ready to plant
  • In my case, I added seeds to a jar in late fall (Nov) and took them out of the jar for planting in early spring (March)





Step 4: Plant your seeds


  • Fill as many glasses, plastic cups or compostable containers with a basic potting mix/soil (one seed per container)
  • Dig out a small space in the centre, and add your seed root down
  • Cover with a light layer of soil
  • Keep on a window sill / a place with lots of light



Step 5: Water your seeds


  • Water your seeds two-three times a week or the first couple of weeks, then move to once or twice a week
  • You should see a sprout within 1 week of planting your seed
  • Your soil shouldn't get too dry, or be too wet - just a healthy dampness