PART 1: How to grow cannabis from a seed in 4 simple steps



Written by Katie

March 2020


Cannabis is an extremely easy plant to grow from a seed, as you'll see by following the below simple steps!


But first, a couple notes:


1.  Did you know cannabis seeds come in male and female versions? The most important thing to note about this, is that only female seeds grow cannabis buds! However, there is no way to tell from the seed. My advice? Try to propagate at least 4-5 seeds. I'm doing 8!


2. Another thing to note is, not every seed will grow a root. I don't know why, but some will be duds. 


3. Make sure your seeds are a beige or brown colour - if the seed is too green it means it's not mature enough to be planted! 


4. The best time of year to germinate your seeds is in spring 


NOTE: This blog doesn't cover mature plant care or when trim your plant, this blog just covers part 1: Growing a sprout from a seed.


PS: In Canada, Cannabis is legal!



STEP 1: Add your seeds to a up-cycled plastic/ziplock bag with a few drops of water

  • Keep your bag on a window sill with lots of light
  • You want your seeds to be damp, not soaked
  • Keep your bag slightly open to let some air in/allow seeds to breath


We've also seen people have success using damp paper towel. For that method, click here!




Step 2: Check to see if your seeds have sprouted roots



  • Small white roots should form within 5-7 days as your seed cracks open
  • As soon as your seed has cracked open and you see a small root, it's time to move to soil (see image for an idea of how long your root should be)






Step 3: Plant your seeds!


  • Fill as many glasses, plastic cups or compostable containers with a basic potting mix/soil (one seed per container)
  • Dig out a small space in the centre, about ¼ to ½ inch deep
  • Add your seed to the hole, and cover up with soil 
  • Keep on a window sill / a place with lots of light



Step 4: Water your seeds


  • Water your seeds two-three times a week or the first couple of weeks, then move to twice a week
  • Your soil shouldn't get too dry, or be too wet - just a healthy dampness
  • You should see a sprout within 1 week of planting your seed

This is PART 1 of our cannabis plant care series: Seed Germination

PART 2 covers the next phase on how to grow your plant nice and big and healthy

PART 3 will cover everything you need to know about harvesting