We LOVE recycling. It's how we are able to be as zero-waste as we are… because we recycle EVERYTHING we can. And guess what. If it's not reycalable, we probably won't buy it...  unless it's Doritos. We love Doritos :P 


Here are a 10 items that you may or may not have known are completely recyclable!


  1. Aluminum based products such as Tin Foil: Did you know that tin foil can be recycled!? Also, items such as aluminum based pie plates and takeout containers and aluminum cans such as a Pepsi can! Don't forget, even the foil from your yogurt container can be recycled! 

    Note: For your tin foil, the more sustainable option though, is to store your food items in jars and containers or get reusable type-covers. Here are the 5 best alternatives to aluminum foil
  2. Rigid plastic packaging: We had no idea that the plastic, structured packaging for toys, toothbrushes, batteries, etc; can be reyccled with your regular plastic! Just make sure to remove the paper backing and recycle separately 🙂
  3. Telephone books and other directories: I know,  what era are we in? the 1900s? Who uses phone books? But every couple years, you will unwillingly end up with a telephone book or directory on your doorstep. And guess what… don't let that glossy-type cover fool you. The entire book can be recycled with the rest of your paper! So make sure you do so!
  4. Magazines and catalogues: If you are like us, you won't buy a lot of magazines or catalogues, but we all end up with one over the year somewhere. Whether we bought one on impulse at the airport or an aunt gave it to you… and just like the telephone book, don't like the glossy pages of the magazine fool you, the book is completely recyclable! 
  5. Milk & juice cartons + the lids: This is a pretty obvious one, but just in case you didn't know, any type of milk carton or juice plastic juice container such as orange juice, can be recycled. Just make sure you take off the lid before recycling. 

    Note: the little plastic piece under the lid that seals the cover is garbage
  6. Batteries: Yes! Batteries CAN be recycled… however don't just throw them into your recycling bin at home. Most towns or cities should have a depot or collection spot. So collect those batteries in a container and at the end of the year do a bulk recycling in a spot close to you!
  7. Empty aerosol type containers: Yep, any container such as hairspray cans or spray can-type air fresheners can all by recycled so long as it's been completely emptied.
  8. Any kind of glass jar or lid: I'm sure this is obviously, but any glass jar - even if it has the papery label still attached - can be recycled with your plastics etc. 
  9. Plastic bags: Typical plastic bags you get from the grocery can be recycled. These don't usually go in your regular recycling bag - but most grocery stores have a plastic bag collector bin, so save them up and just do a drop off next time you are there! 
  10. Plastic bottles such as shampoo + conditioner: Any type of plastic bottle with screw caps, spray pump, or pull-up tops can recycled - suchas dish soap, mouthwash, shampoos, conditioners and other personal care products, pills and vitamins, laundry products, etc.