We absolutely LOVE coconut oil, but not in the conventional sense! Most people use coconut oil for cooking purposes but there are SO MANY more ways to use it! 

  1. Make-up remover – That’s right! You can easily replace a typical chemical-dense make up remover or packaged product with organic coconut oil, and it works better than any make up remover we've have ever tried! Plus, it smells amazing! Simply put some coconut oil on how finger and spread across your eye and remove with a reusable makeup remover pad, tissue or a tiny piece of toilet paper!  Remember, you do not need much, a little bit of coconut oil goes a long way
  2. Lotion – YES! You no longer need to use a traditional bottle of lotion to make your skin feel soft. So on days when you are feeling a little dry,  simply put some coconut oil on your face, arms and legs. It smells and feels amazing.
  3. Making stove-top popcorn – A great use for coconut oil in the kitchen is for making stove-top popcorn, because we tend to think it’s healthier than other oils such as olive and better than microwavable popcorn (plus, you can buy it bulk remember!). 
  4. In your hair – About once a month it's nice to give your hair a bit of a coconut oil treatment! Before bed hop in the shower and wet your hair, then rub 1/2 tbsp through every strand and put in a bun overnight. The next day, wash the coconut oil out (takes about two washes) and then your hair should be ridiculously soft

  5. Oil pulling / teeth whitening - Clean your teeth and make them WHITER with coconut oil! We have been doing so much oil pulling lately and our teeth have never felt better. First thing in the morning, all you do is take a tsp-tbsp of coconut oil (don't worry about melting it, it does that in about 15 seconds of being in your mouth), put it on your tounge and just start swishing it around for 10ish minutes! Make sure to spit it out in the compost so it doesn't clog your sink. Brush your teeth right after! We do this 3-4 times a week!