Written by Katie

May 2020

Once you have read our first blog - all about seed germination - and you have a cannabis sprout peeking up through the soil, follow these steps to ensure your plant reaches full maturity!

*TIP/MUST DO: Ensure you constantly rotate your plant so you grow a strong, straight stock!

Step 1: Keep watering and caring for your plant

Keep watering your plant in the container you planted it in, making sure the soil doesn’t get too wet or too dry. You'll want your plants somewhere that get's the MOST light.

Step 2:  Repot

Once your plant has grown a few inches and has some bueautiful green leafs, you will need to plant it in a larger pot to prevent root balling, which if not done in time can stunt growth. The rule of thumb, is to replant your plant once the leaves are larger than the pot. I did this around 1 month after planting my seeds. As you can see from the above photo, the leaves are much larger than the small glasses. 

Because this is just a temporary home, don't invest too much in these pots. I used an old ice cream tub cantainer and added drain holes with a drill. To catch the water, I placed them in chirstmas tins! Get crafty and use what you have!

Step 3: Separate male and female plants

Around the time your plant is 1-2 months old, you’ll be able to tell the sex of your plant. A male usually has tiny ball shapes hanging from it, which are known as the "pollen sacs". You’ll want to separate these from the female, so as to not pollinate her. The female plant is the only one that gives you buds. Here's an article explaining the differences between male and female plants and why you want them separted from one another: 
Step 4: Repot to it's forever home (new pot + move  outside)

In another month, you’ll want to replant again in its “forever home”. A 1-2 gallon pot would be best.

Also, around this time, or whenever the risk of frost is gone, you’ll want to keep them outside so they can get as much sun as possible, also the smell will be too strong for indoors!

Step 5: Water well

Water your plant often during the summer months, and never let her get too dry! Keep us up until it's time to hervest her.

This is PART 2 of our cannabis plant care series: Growing to Maturity.

PART 3 will cover everything you need to know about harvesting. 

Read our blog on cannabis seed germination to get started!