Written by Katie

April 2020


I LOVE bamboo toothbrushes. 


They are soft on my gums. They are better for the environment. They are way cuter.  


But they are kind of annoying to compost. You need to first cut off or pull out the bristles and place into the garbage which isn't too easy to do. So, I avoid this, and upcycle mine! 


Here are some ideas:


  1. Use as vegetable garden markers
    I love this idea so much. If you have a veggie garden, simply take a black marker and write the veggie you wish to mark, then place the bristle side of the toothbrush into the dirt! 
  2. Use as indoor plant markets
    Similar to the vegetable garden markers, it's great to identify what your indoor plants are! I love knowing what plants I actually have in my house are called... but I have over 25 plants so sometimes I forget the names of them! Using a bamboo toothbrush and writing with marker or pen is a great way to identity what is what! Again, just place the bristle side of the toothbrush in the dirt. 
  3. Use in your kitchen TWO ways: One for counters
    I keep both of my bathroom tooth brushes (which are properly labeled!) in a mason jar on my sink with some other kitchen cleaning tools. It looks so cute and boho but are actually super helpful. I have white counters, which while absolutely beautiful, it gets dirty easily! Sometimes you need to scrub hard on some of those difficult spots and a toothbrush comes in handy dandy!
  4. Use in your kitchen TWO ways: One for dishes
    I LOVE having a toothbrush to use in my dishes. I find that my smoothies often stick to the side of my mason jars, and having this tool is so helpful to getting them clean prior to going in the dish washer. It's also a narrow tool and can get into so many more places then my larger scrubber. 
  5. Use a paintbrush for kids 
    Okay, I love this idea so much! I didn't think of it before, but came across in a blog from "favecrafts". Having toothbrushes with our regular paint brushes is going to be a new staple as it adds more options to be creative!
  6. Use to clean your shoes
    This is an age old trick but one that needs mentioning! Keep this with your your other cleaning supplies, labeled "Shoe Cleaner" and use it when your shoes need an extra bit of love.. this can be your sneakers, boots, heals - whatever! Listen, shoes get dirty, and using a toothbrush and some soap can help bring them back to life. 
  7. Use to clean your bathroom
    This is just a no brainer! Use in your sink, shower, tiles, grout - you name it. A toothbrush gets the job done. 
  8. Use for arts & crafts 
    Not just as a paint brush - but think of all the times you used popcycle sticks in crafts... a bamboo toothbrush isn't much different than those! I'm sure your family and kiddos could find endless ways to use a toothbrush in their craft room. I've seen photos of bamboo toothbrush frames... how cute is that?! 
  9. Save for cleaning your keyboard
    This seems like a no brainer too. Keyboards right? EW! They get so gross. Lightly go over those keys and clean them up right nice. 


And there you have it! Lots of ideas to upcycle your bamboo toothbrush.