We have some questions for you…


Are you pregnant?
Are you a minimalist?
Are you frugal?
Are you wondering what you NEED to buy for your pregnancy versus what everyone tells you to buy?
Are you wondering what can be bought second hand?


If you said “yes” to any of these, you may find this blog helpful!


Katie really did not want to spend a lot of money on maternity items… cause here's the thing, you are only pregnancy for 9 months after all! So she took a lot of time to really figure out what she absolutely needed and what she didn’t.


Here are the 7 essential items that you could buy for your pregnancy and why we recommend them:


  1. Secondhand stretchy and/or loose dresses and skirts: There are SO many maternity stores out there ladies, but trust us, a lot of these clothes are expensive and in my opinion, unnecessary. What Katie did (and highly recommend), is to buy a few staple stretchy/fitted stresses and skirts in a slightly larger size and rock those! She bought all hers secondhand, at maybe $7 a piece, and they are so adorable. Pair with sweaters, t-shirts and long sleeves, often tied in a knot to accentuate the belly. And don't be picky on colour and length!
  2. Secondhand loose single colour tees and long sleeved shirts for knotting. As we mentioned in the above section, buy a few loose t-shirts and tops to rock with sweatpants, dresses, skirts and shorts. Tie them in knots to show off your bump. Katie was able to get all her shirts second hand in a variety of colours and sizes. These go such a long way, PLUS, you can wear them post-pregnancy – bonus!
  3. Pregnancy pillow: We cannot recommend a type of maternity pillow enough! Katie was fortunate enough to have been lent one from a friend, and would never be able to go back, especially towards the end of the second trimester and the third trimester when your belly is really in the way. Try to get one second hand if you can or borrow one from a friend, but even if you can’t, this is something to splurge on. After all, sleep is just so important, and this can assist in a comfortable, good nights rest. There are a few ways to sleep using these pillows, so just test them all out and find what works for you.
  4. Coconut oil: To avoid stretch marks and itchy skin, oil your body (mainly stomach and boobs!) with coconut oil each and every night… okay, every second night if you get lazy)! In our opinion, you don’t need to buy fancy or expensive lotions, coconut oil will work just fine (plus, it smells amazing). The good thing about coconut oil is that you can buy it package free at bulk stores to save on plastic and cost! We purchase it at Bulkbarn, and simply weigh the mason jar with the cashier before filling it up. Easy peasy!
  5. Resources: podcasts are great! Katie got a lot out of the Crunchy Mama Podcast. She also really enjoyed the book A Doula's Guide to Empowering Your Birth which can be bought on amazon for your kindle or the also have a physical copy
  6. Leggings and maternity sweatpants + Jammies: Listen, you are going to want to be comfortable during your pregnancy, so you need to get yourself some comfy pants. Katie purchased some maternity sweatpants for $4 at a second hand store (pictured above), but also wore previously owned Align Leggings by LuluLemon, which hold their shape post pregnancy too! SO comfy!


BONUS: Maternity tights if you live in a cooler climate to wear with your dresses


NOTE: No need for maternity bras and underwear! Katie just rocked sports bras and low waste underwear she already owned. Same goes for bathing suits!