The No Trash Talk Podcast is all about zero-waste and sustainable living with a pinch of facts and a lot of humour!

Each episode tackles a highly demanded zero-waste question or topic, from Secondhand Shopping Tips to Bulk Shopping Tricks. The Hosts, Katie Conklin and Olivia Biermann discuss their zero-waste failures and wins, as they try to reduce their waste week after week. Join along for the ride!


Katie Conklin, Co-Host

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Katie began her zero-waste journey in 2015 after being inspired by Trash is for Tossers CEO, Lauren Singer, and slowly increased her practices and knowledge over the years. She's been shopping for clothing exclusively secondhand for over four years and slowly reducing use of plastic, but this lifestyle really went to another level when she became pregnant with her daughter, Lilah. As a way to reduce the waste with a newborn, she swapped the conventional diapers & wipes and formula for more sustainable options. Now, she just wants to spread the message that shopping secondhand, buying bulk, and having a low waste baby is easier now than it's every been!

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Liv B, Co-Host 

Olivia Biermann, known as Liv B online, is a vegan food and lifestyle YouTuber living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After going vegan in 2015 and falling in love with the plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle, she started a youtube channel to teach people how easy and delicious vegan food can be. In 2019 she released her first cookbook Liv B's Vegan on a Budget which became a bestseller on Amazon. Over the years she has gained a following through Youtube and instagram of over 750,000 people and hopes to keep spreading good vibes and a great message!

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