We like talking trash… and the ways to reduce it ;)

Zero-waste themed podcast hosted by Liv B and Katie with new eps every Sunday! 

This book, The Zero-Waste Beginners Guide, was written for the purpose of condensing some of our favourite podcast topics into one easy-to-devour place for beginners and learners.

Inside you will find: 

  • Zero-Waste home essentials
  • Guide to bulk & produce shopping 
  • Our favourite eco clothing companies + brands
  • Guide to second hand shopping + textile industry
  • Zero-Waste Recipes 
  • Zero-Waste DIY
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • Photo inspiration
  • Need to know statistics 


This book has everything you need to start reducing your household waste and begin helping the planet today!

Price: $25.00 CAD



In this special episode, Liv and Katie have their VERY FIRST GUEST! The girls welcome Ginny, a Interior Designer speicalising in Sustainable Design. She gives the girls some great tips on how to go about having a sustainable home, in the inside! They of course get into Trashy vs Classy and end on a game of Woukld You Rather - Interior Design editor!

In this hearty episode, Katie walks Liv & our classy crew through everything she knows about vegetable gardening... which is really just the BASICS! We also sprinkle ton of zero-waste gardening tips throughout so even if you are an avid gardener, you will probably pick up something helpful! We cover everything from when and where to grow to what and when to harvest. The girls also introduce a new segment: TRASH TALK - where they talk serious trash about trashy products that drive them bonkers! Strap in, this is a long and meaty episode we know you will love and leave you super inspired to grow your own crop!


Get ready for an episode covering a ton of great zero-waste health and beauty swaps you'll love! From metal nail files and wooden combs to daily lemon water and coconut oil hair masks, we cover everything you need to reduce your waste in the health and beauty department. 

Tune in for an epsisode where we answer all your burning zero-waste questions AND some personal ones about us! There is everything in this episode from what we think of the term "zero-waste" and our most used zero-waste items to how old we are and how we met! Listen to the end to find out what we are currently binging!

In this week's epsisode, the girls kick off with some pretty exciting announcements involving the No Trash Talk offical mascott and a new addition to our team! The rest of the epsiode covers a long list of items that Liv and Katie no longer need to pruchase based on living a zero-waste lifestyle, and how you can save thousands a year! Listen to the end and hear some classic-kid shoplifting stories.

This weeks episode is all about easy kitchen swaps such as reusable parchment paper, cast iron pots and glass measuring cups! The girls make it sound easy and fun with many ways to save you money in the long run! Listen to the end for a fun kitchen themed edition of Would You Rather.

The episode you've been waiting for: Zero-Waste + Sustainable SEX. The girls cover everything from the most sustainable condoms and lube to biodegradable vibrators and sexy, boho lingerie! Make sure to listen to the end for the game of a sex Q&A with Katie and Liv and their opinions on masturbation and the craziest places they've had sex!

Happy Easter! In another episode of Liv & Katie recording from their respective homes, the girls give lots of simple zero-waste bathroom swap ideas from shampoo bars and stainless steel razors to bamboo toothbrushes and the best floss. But first, they kick off with some important updates and what they plan to do for a zero-waste easter. Then they go into their trashiest and classiest moments of the week and end on a game where they share their fav Easter traditions!