We like talking trash… and the ways to reduce it ;)

Zero-waste themed podcast hosted by Liv B and Katie with new eps every Sunday! 

This book, The Zero-Waste Beginners Guide, was written for the purpose of condensing some of our favourite podcast topics into one easy-to-devour place for beginners and learners.


Inside you will find: 


  • Zero-Waste home essentials
  • Guide to bulk & produce shopping 
  • Our favourite eco clothing companies + brands
  • Guide to second hand shopping + textile industry
  • Zero-Waste Recipes 
  • Zero-Waste DIY
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • Photo inspiration
  • Need to know statistics 




This book has everything you need to start reducing your household waste and begin helping the planet today!



Price: $25.00


In this episode, we tackle the basics of houseplants! Topics include houseplant benefits, propagation 101, which plants to propagate, what you need, how much to water and lots more.


The girls discuss their classy and trashy moments of the week and end on a game that tests their knowledge of flowers, trees and plants… spoiler alert, Liv wins!



In this week’s episode, Katie and Liv are back in Liv's recording studio/office discussing all things zero-waste dorm rooms. Before getting into it, they discuss their trashiest and classiest moments of the week, then they give dorm room snack + cooking tips, the best way to get cheap or FREE furniture and all the bathroom essentials. 


They end on a game of "10 facts about us" so you can get to know them better! … and here some of their young, drunk shenanigans! 


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In this week’s episode we tackle a ton of zero- waste and minimalism pregnancy tips and ideas, many of which Katie applied during her pregnancy! From what bras and underwear she recommends to what you really need for clothing and so much more, tune in! 


Liv & Katie discuss their trashy vs classy moments and end on a new game, recommended by a listener, of “Recyclable or Not”.


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In this week’s episode, also known as the “Valentines Edition”, Liv and Katie tackle all the best zero-waste chocolate! From homemade bark to chocolate you can buy right in the store - it’ll have you craving for Feb 14 whether your single or partnered up. They also discuss their new Ebook: Zero-Waste Beginners Guide, which you can buy now for just $25!


Aside from the chocolatey vibes, the girls discuss their annual trashy vs classy moments and end on a completely un-romantic edition of Fuck Marry Kill. 


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In this VERY exciting episode of NTT, Liv and Katie announce the launch of their NEW EBOOK titled "Zero-Waste for Beginners Guide"! Inside you’ll find everything from bulk and produce shopping tips to low and zero-waste recipes.


The rest of the episode is a big one: we tackle bulk shopping, our tips and tricks, then end on a game where we discover our spirit animals! Of course the trashy vs classy segment is epic as always! 


Tune in!

In episode 9, Katie and Liv record in Katie's mom's gorgeous art studio, overlooking a frozen lake with floor to ceiling windows! To ensure they did their location justice, they did an episode with a ton of great zero-waste and minimalist home decor ideas including propogated plants and wooden accents.


Listen to the end to hear their FUTURE - as Katie's mom does a mini "card of the day" tarot card reading!


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In episode 8, Katie and Liv provide all the best zero waste travel tips that they've recently implemented into their life through experience and a bit of research! From the best plane snacks to package free toiletries, they will make sure you leave this ep with the best tips for your next vacay!


Tune in for easy-to-implement zero waste travel tips and of course listen to the end so you can learn just how little Katie and know about the world through this week's game.


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In epsiode 7, Katie and Liv get into the topic of textiles, what they are, how you can recycle them, places to donate them and much more! You will be surprised how easy it is to donate your holey sock, old underwear and ripped shirt. 


The girls end on a "who is your style icon" quiz yielding some bang on results!


ALSO: Make sure you rate and review, because once NTT reaches 100 reviews they are going to do a giveaway of a "zero waste starter kit".


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The episode you've all been waiting for! .. Or maybe that's just us :P Liv and Katie kick off the first episode of 2020 with a recap of their holidays and the weekly Trashy vs Classy segment. 


They get right into the topic of zero-waste periods, where they discuss all the amazing ways one can reduce their waste during that «special» time, from Menstrual Cups to Reusable Pads and so much more!


They end on a game of Two Truths and a Lie!


Tune in here!

In episode 5, the last episode of 2019, Liv and Katie give a ton of ways you can reduce your waste in 2020 for your annual “New Years Resolution”. They discuss everything from swapping Takeout coffee to homemade brew to shopping exclusively second hand for one year. They also discuss their own NY resolution plans! 


The girls end on a game of holiday mad libs, which of course, makes nonsense! . 


Listen here.🙂

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